Meet us

Compositwings is specialized in
Behavior generating Innovation.

Since 2014, we facilitate HR strategy development of organizations in keeping with humanist and responsible values. People are so great for us that our main purpose is building innovative and blooming system with the diversity of people and making powerful business life for women (maybe the own story of the CEO).

We use a core set of Creativity, Emotional Intelligence and several type of Languages, HR and Management styles.

Active member of Craft and Innovation networks like SOL and FrenchTech, Compositwings uses a practical approach of Collective Intelligence and Learning, Transactional Analysis, Systemic Vision.

Excellent references encourage this dynamic with our customers, our co-stakeholders, resources networks all engaged in synergy.

  • Generate value and unlock situations with the relational economy and creativity
  • Design of Organization Learning
  • Spot and process the growth opportunities

Intervention thematics

Innovative Behavior

Women Attitude Invest®

Speak and Solve®

Systemic Collaboration

The HR acceleration of young companies and start-up


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